Prescription Drug Benefits
Bricklayers Insurance and Welfare Fund

The Bricklayers Insurance and Welfare Plan has contracted with SaveRx to provide prescription drug coverage at a discounted rate to eligible participants of BAC Local #l Fringe Benefit Funds.

There are no co-payments. Benefits vary by Plan eligibility. To find out more about your prescription drug coverage, contact the Fund Office at (7l8)459-5800.

Once you have exhausted your Plan Maximum for the benefit period, you will be able to purchase your drugs at a discounted rate.

For participants who use certain drugs on a daily basis, you may take advantage of the 90 day mail order prescription coverage.
For more information on this benefit, contact the Fund Office.

Medicare eligible plan participants are not covered for prescription drugs by the Insurance and Welfare Fund. They must enroll in a Medicare Part D or Medicare approved drug plan.

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